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National Start-Up Summit 2017

National Start-Up Summit 2017

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Although not yet a very established concept, the notion Startup has become quite a buzz in Nepalese entrepreneurial ecosystem lately. We have seen various events and challenges being organized in Nepal that is focused on building start-up ecosystem and help promising start-up companies achieve greater heights. However, this initial push in the start-up ecosystem has seen sporadic and organic growth, often facilitated by various non-state actors including private sector, academic sector, non-profit sector and even foreign investors.


So far, there has not been any direct interventions from the government to push the start-up ecosystem in Nepal. However, the current Government under the aegis of Ministry of Industry realize the value of start-ups to the national economy. This is where, Ministry of Industry is willing to facilitate the growth of start-up ecosystem in Nepal.


Among various things that the Ministry wants to pursue, one significant milestone that it has achieved is the formation of National Start-up Committee that will provide policy advisory and guidance services to the Government. This start-up committee is comprised of national level stakeholders from various sectors, who are committed and are already playing significant role in fostering start-up culture in Nepal. The start-up committee is expected to lay a foundation for proper growth of start-up culture in Nepal, by harnessing things happening both within and outside of the government.


Among various activities that are being carried out by the committee, it has also been tasked to carry out a national level start-up event in Nepal. The event that aims to bring wider national and international stakeholders under the same umbrella is expected to provide greater insight on the existing start-up ecoystem of Nepal. The event will bring in bring different stakeholders for wider discussion and deliberation on opportunity, challenges and environmental aspects of start-up ecoysystem in Nepal.




The event has been designed as a national level event that will bring together various actors of the start-up ecosystem and expect to achieve following objectives.

1.    To demonstrate that the government is serious in pursuing entrepreneurship through start-ups as an agenda of economic development and employment generation

2.    To take stock of existing initiatives and activities by various state and non-state actors, aimed at creating and nurturing start-up ecosystem in Nepal.

3.    To bring together all the stakeholders of the entrepreneurship and start-up including the policy makers, entrepreneurs, financiers, educators, students, foreign investors, etc.

4.    To facilitate a multi-stakeholder dialogue on the meaning importance of startups in national development and the policy environment conducive for the startups to flourish

5.    To showcase start-up stories from Nepal

6.    To provide policy input to the government on facilitating and sustaining start-up ecosystem in Nepal

7.    To initiate a wave of startup culture in Nepal


Activities / Events

As a national level multi day event coordinated by Ministry of Industry for the first time, various activities will be carried out to ensure that the event becomes a major milestone to initiate and sustain start-up culture in Nepal. These activities will be driven by the community and will look forward to involve as many stakeholders as possible. All the activities have been carefully planned to provide concrete input to the government and other stakeholders as a whole. Following activities/events have been planned in this regard.

●     Start-up Barcamp: An informal gathering of start-up community where the community themselves get organized to discussion on various aspects of start-up opportunity and challenges. Various parallel sessions (time boxed) will be suggested by the community members in advance that be free for participation to anyone registered for the event.


●     Keynotes : The event will bring prominent keynote speakers from Nepal and other countries who can instigate the value of start-up culture in Nepalese context.

●     Thematic Panel Discussions : There will be various panel discussions on various topics like Startup Opportunities and Challenges, Legal and policy context for start-ups in Nepal, Start-ups and Internationalization, Start-ups in rural context etc. during the event. These panel discussions will bring in relevant representatives from the Government, Private Sector, Civil Society, Donors, Professional Groups etc.

●     Initiatives Talks : This will bring in actors and initiatives who are already contributing to the start-up ecosystem to talk and share about their work. This would bring in targeted initiatives from the private sector, donors and civil society that is already working in the Nepalese context.

●     Start-up Showcase: This will bring in successful start-ups who are operating in Nepal that can be role model for other aspiring ones. These selected ones will have dedicated space in the event venue to talk about their product/services and share their stories.

●     Networking Events: These will be opportunities for individuals and like minded to catch up discuss at informal settings.



As a national level event organized at both formal and informal setting, we expect to have around 700 participants as follows.

●     Government Representatives Policy Makers: Around 100 representatives from various government ministries, departments and policy formulation agencies that have direct and indirect role to play in the start-up ecosystem in Nepal.

●     Private Sectors and Associations:  Around 150 representatives from various private sector associations like FNCCI, Women Entrepreneurs Forum, Cottage Industry Associations, Nepal Engineers Association, etc.

●     Participants from Districts: Around 150 participants from various districts that will be picked to come and participate in the event.

●     Media: Around 25-50 representatives from media to cover the event and write stories about start-up ecosystem in Nepal.

●     Students and Aspiring Entrepreneurs: Around 200 students and aspiring entrepreneurs from various universities and colleges.

●     Start-up Representatives: Around 50 selected representatives from various start-ups in Nepal

●     Civil Society and Donor Representatives: Around 100 Representatives from relevant donor agencies and civil society organizations who are involved in promoting entrepreneurship in Nepal.

●     Bankers and Investors: Around 25 representatives from various banks and potential investing institutions.



Startup Committee, MoI, GoN in collaboration with NYEF and many other non-government and private institutions



The event will be organized as a two-day event with the first day being the community bootcamp. The dates for the event will be June 14-15, 2017


Venue: Soaltee Crown Plaza